Go with the Flow

If we live at odds with reality (foolishly), we will be doomed, but if we live in proper relationship with reality (wisely), we shall be saved

Loyal Rue

Here is your challenge for the week!

When something doesn’t go your way your reaction has to be laughing.

We’ve all had days where it just feels like everything is an uphill battle. Something gets in the way of what we want to do. We have a day all planned out and none of that happens. Something worse can even happen like a car wreck or a work project we’ve been planning for months falls through.

How easily do you let daily hiccups roll off your back when they happen?

The quote above describes this same idea that’s found throughout stoic philosophy, the Bible, and other world religions. The only way to actually be happy in life is to live in relationship with whatever comes our way. The more we brace against stuff that happens in life the more unhappy we’re going to be. If we accidentally dropping and shattering a glass can send us into a spiral that ruins our day we’re going to be pretty unhappy people throughout life. But if the glass drops, shatters, and we laugh saying oh well just a piece of glass, how much happier are we going to be and how much more pleasant are we to be around?

If you have kids I hope you’ve experienced how much more fun your time is with them when you embrace doing things their way. Even though their way may not be efficient, if you can truly let go of your agenda, that time with them will be filled with more ease and joy.

So let’s go with the flow today. Put on a smile and know that accepting whatever comes our way is the only thing we can do. We may as well have fun doing it.

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