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Ensuring you reach your athletic potential through breathwork, mobility, and strength training.

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Maximizing Your Potential

Starting a new fitness program is intimidating. We’ll help you find a program that’s right for you.


Improve all aspects of performance by developing essential breathing practices. Often it isn't your "cardio" holding you back, it's dysfunctional breathing.


Not just increasing flexibility, but promoting stronger, healthier joints. Doing so keeps you injury free and allows for greater strength increases.


Overcome your weaknesses in order to gain the most strength, speed, and power possible.


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Results that Translate

Our #1 priority is helping you achieve your personal goals

D1 Collegiate Golfer

“Not only have I felt stronger and more flexible, I have already seen a palpable difference in my golf game with increased swing stability, speed, and accuracy, along with more distance off the tee.”

Michael Houlie
Olympian Swimmer

“I’ve been racing a lot faster and training better. I’m a lot more knowledgeable and have more control over my body…It’s played such an important part in how I go about my days. Knowing what to do first thing in the morning when I wake up (how I start my day), to what I do just before I go to bed (how I end it).”

Mid Michigan College
Basketball Team

“Our team has greatly benefitted from the strength training, mobility, recovery, and breath work offered by Zack and Trinity Strength. We are getting great programming and coaching to ensure we can perform at the highest level.”


As a former high school and college athlete who experienced set back from a torn ACL, I know how important it is to have proper training AND how hard it can be to find. This is why I work individually with athletes incorporating breathwork, mobility, strength training, and recovery into their regimen.

Zack Kramer, CSCS, CFL3, FRCms, Oxygen Advantage

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