Try These 3 Breath Sounds

Hopefully you don’t normally make a ton of noise when you breathe! Today, though, I want you to try making a few different noises on

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Cold Ground Water is Here ✋

Now that the weather is cooler so is the ground water! Cold ground water means legitimately cold showers are easily accessible again! Adding in weekly

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How to Prepare Specifically

Next season is the distant future for Fall athletes right now, but is close at hand for Spring sports. How do you adjust your training

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Time to Build!!

But when can I get heavy? Yesterday’s post made many athletes ask this question when hearing they shouldn’t jump right into maxing out and adding

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Its the Off Season. Now What?!

Fall sports are almost completely wrapped up and many athletes are looking to begin their off season training. As they jump into off season training

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Train Not to Move

In almost all sports, even though you are constantly in motion, there are also times where avoiding movement is essential. Maybe you are trying to

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