What Does Remote Coaching Look Like?

You need a workout program designed specifically for your goals and needs. You have to get the most up to date and effective training to make it to the level you desire. Your schedule is always changing so you need to be able to do the workouts at the time that fits best each week. And you also need the ability to ask questions about movements, equipment, if it is okay to move around the sessions, etc.

This is exactly where Trinity Strength’s remote coaching comes in. I wanted to give a brief overview of the process we take our athletes through so you can get a glimpse behind the scenes.


The first thing we do with anyone interested in our program is simply meet them. We schedule a video call for any time that works your schedule. During this call we chat about your goals and get a feel for what you need and want. Doing this helps us see if we are the right fit. If we aren’t we will do our best to point you in the direction that will help you achieve your goals.

Set Up

If we both decide to work together we build out a program and schedule specific to each of your goals and needs. Some of your first workouts will include tests to measure aspects specific to what we are trying to improve. These often include strength, mobility, and breathing aspects as well as sports specific measurements.

Communication and Accountability

Our goal is to make it feel like you can reach out to us anytime. Through our app you can message us anytime as well as send video for analysis. We also regularly check in over the phone (voice and/or video) answering questions and adjusting anything that needs updating.

Virtual PT

Do you want more feedback and coaching? With our program when we need a more eyes on approach we can also set up a virtual personal training session. This allows you to train at home or your gym with a coach 1 on 1. Simply set up your phone and with our app we are able to coach you through the entire workout and on your own schedule. With a live coach even more precise adjustments can be made throughout the session so you truly get the most out of it reaching your goals even faster.

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