Tips for Fueling Your Body

When your sport’s season kicks off or wraps up your body needs to be fueled properly. It needs this fuel to help transition to either playing more or training more. Follow these simple tips for fueling your body during your training season.

  1. Choose snacks that are high in protein in between meals. Having snacks that are mostly protein will help you feel your best and keep your body functioning the way it should. Protein bars, powders, ready made shakes, hardboiled eggs, beef jerky or deli turkey are all high protein, easy, packable snacks.
  2. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Have a Hydroflask or Nalgene bottle? Great, fill it up at least 3 times a day. Water is so important to almost every bodily function. It’s also lost very quickly during any training session. Aim to drink half your body weight in ounces of water a day + more on days when you are exercising more.
  3. Get in movement. It doesn’t have to be your typical gym workout routine, but try to get in some sort of movement every day. Parking further away, walking your dog, or doing the CAR movements are easy ways to keep your body moving in between tough gym or practice sessions.
  4. Focus on your recovery and sleep schedule. Sleep is so important for bodies during times of high stress, like during increased training sessions. Aim for 8-9 hours of quality sleep at night. The more you are sleeping and allowing your body to rest, the quicker you will be able to recover and crush your goals.

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