The Individualist, The Investigator, and The Loyalist

Enneagram Types 4-6

4 The Individualist

Basic Drive: To be unique, to have individual significance

Basic Fear: To be common, to lack an identity

You enjoy feeling and want to hold on to emotions. You prefer to work through them before addressing anything else. At the same time fours like to express their individuality. This turns many fours to various forms of art.

You may be more attracted to individual skill sports that show your own unique abilities and style. Sports like this include gymnastics, dance, skateboarding, diving etc.

Your biggest struggle may be with your own self esteem. It is easy for fours to think they are going through pain that no one else can understand. Believe that others are working through similar issues and you will be able to lean on them for help and support. As an athlete this is important so that you can quickly learn and become a better player. Others have paved this way before you.

You have the power to be extremely creative though, use this to generate new ideas and methods players before may not have incorporated.

5 The Investigator

Basic Drive: To understand, to be competent

Basic Fear: Being helpless, at the mercy of others

You are the person most likely to look at all possible options before making a decisions. You also may be the most curious type on the Enneagram, desiring to understand how many different things work, from the universe to your lacrosse plays.

Your love of knowledge leads you to master topics completely. In sports you may understand the plays as good as some of your coaches. This skill will help you to outwit opponents and/or other players eyeing your starting position.

However, avoid retreating into your mind and neglecting the actual physical nature of sport. If you are passionate about playing you will need to practice to become fully engaged with your physical self and push your body like you enjoy pushing your understanding.

6 The Loyalist

Basic Drive: To be safe and supported

Basic Fear: Having no support, lacking given directions

As a six you are the most loyal to those close to you and to figures you place in authority. You naturally fight for the ideas you believe in and hold on tightly to them because of the support and feeling of safety they give you.

You may lack self confidence because you tend to look to others for security. Believe in yourself and you own ability to protect yourself.

As an athlete you will need to be able to develop the ability to listen to yourself and your own guidance. If you lean on others advice too much eventually it will conflict and you will lose direction. Use the trust you create with teammates to support you in your personal efforts, but never let your need to lean on them overwhelm your own direction.

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