The Fat You Want!

Yes! You actually do want some fat, but not the kind you are probably thinking of.

When you think about fat on our bodies you are likely thinking about white fat. White fat is associated with obesity and Type II Diabetes. Brown fat, on the other hand, is healthy and necessary to maintain a healthy weight.

Previously doctors thought humans lost all their brown fat after infancy. In the last few years, thought, research showed adults also have brown fat and most of it is located in your upper back.

Brown fat, or brown adipose tissue, has many positive health benefits like keeping your bodyweight down, warming your core temperature, and boosting your metabolism.

Cold atmospheres especially activate your use of brown fat. In fact exposure to the cold either in the air or in the water 🥶 helps to build your amount of brown fat available. Not only that, but this exposure actually helps convert the extra white fat you don’t want into brown fat. Then the brown fat creates energy to keep your body warm.

So this winter as the temperature drops take it as an opportunity and not something to avoid. Go outside despite the cold weather a few times a week or find a pool to spend some time in periodically. Embrace your beautiful fat and take advantage of the chance to boost your metabolism and health.

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