Add these in to your daily warm up especially if you are doing any upper body pressing or pulling. They are one of my oldest and most favorite exercises and teaching tools.

  1. Stand with your back against a wall
  2. Attempt to drive your lower back into the wall (this should make you tighten your abs), pull your pelvis under you, and keep your chest down. IF you cannot keep your lower back against the wall don’t stress about, simply hit the points above.
  3. Place your arms straight out to the side with your wrists against the wall
  4. Now you have two options. Master option 1 before progressing to option 2.
    • Option 1: Keep your upper arms straight out and begin bending your arms at the elbow, keep the wrists as close to wall as you can
    • Option 2: Keep your arms straight, raising them overhead while keeping the wrists as close to the wall as possible

You will notice how much shoulder mobility this demands when you try it. It not only warms up your shoulders for your workout, but shows you if you are ready to press overhead or not. In order to press overhead you should be able to keep your chest down, pelvis neutral and have your wrists touching the wall at the top of option 2.

Check out my demo below and try the exercise for yourself!

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