You Can’t Out Coach Immobility

You cannot out coach immobility! That’s why we train within our ranges of motion and separately focus on increasing mobility.

Let’s look at two quick examples. If an athlete cannot put their arms directly over their head without weight the best coaching will not be able to teach the athlete a proper shoulder press, push press, or split jerk. The athlete will have to compensate (using their back likely) in some way to get that weight overhead. Similarly if an athlete cannot bend their ankle more than 90 degrees they can never learn a proper front squat. When they are told to “pick up their toes” or “keep their heels down” try as they might they will be unable to do so.

Does this mean we don’t press or squat? Definitely not. It just means as coaches at Trinity Strength we aren’t going to just keep trying the same thing expecting different outcomes. Instead our approach is to take a step back and adjust the press or squat movement to an exercise you DO have the range of motion for. This will help you get more out of your training because you are training the intended muscles and you will stay away from injury.

Then outside of this we focus on increasing mobility so that you can one do do those other exercises and create much healthier joints.

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