Our Favorite Apps

Confession: I am an iPhone App connoisseur. I love playing with new applications on the phone to see what they do and how they are useful. The vast majority of the time I delete them as quick as I download them, but I thought I would share a few that made the cut for me to use regularly.

Favorite Apps


Whether you are trying to focus for work or mentally escape during meditation this app has your sound covered. With headphones on this app immerses you in various nature environments. I also enjoy that you can play this simultaneously with other music on your phone.


This is my go to workout app that syncs with the Apple watch. I like the clear color coding of my heart rate zone as well as the 1:00 HR recovery timer once the workout is over. The 1:00 recovery is one of the main metrics I track. Plus this app is free!


If interested in Wim Hof or his method this app is a great place to begin. The Bubble Breathing Timer is extremely helpful for finding the rhythm of the Tummo breathing method. Once you get it down you won’t need this anymore, but again it really helps educate you and begin the habit.

Box Breathe

This app is a little more technical, but great if you want to create your own breathing patterns. It allows you to set different lengths for the inhale, inhale hold, exhale, and exhale hold. It is great on the Apple watch because of the subtle haptic taps to cue you for the next breath phase.

XPT Life

I don’t often follow guided breathing sessions, but when I do they are on the XPT Life app. Here breathing pros like Laird Hamilton guide you through true breath training. They have various guided practices for everything from increasing your CO2 tolerance to warming up for a workout.


This is not fitness related, but Notion holds my entire second brain. For a low cost this database/note taking app stores unlimited amounts of data for you in clear simple pages. Anything and everything I create goes into notion.


This is the app most people have likely heard about before. It makes tracking your food quick and easy. For me, however, it has still been a struggle to consistently track meals so I’ll share the two hacks that have helped me.

The first is long pressing the app icon. If you hold down on the app logo it will give you the option to jump straight to tracking a food. This is much quicker than opening the app like normal and clicking through to get to the right page. Second is their new feature using the camera to scan and track the food on your plate. It is surprisingly accurate and saves time searching through the various entries for my meal.

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