This Chemical in Your Nose Fights Against COVID

The chemical Nitric Oxide performs many tasks in our body for both our health and performance. You may see NO on the side of many pre-workout containers, but you actually produce this substance all by yourself naturally in your nasal passages.

Instead of discussing the performance enhancing effects, today we are going to look at how this natural compound is fighting against COVID-19. In fact researches are so intrigued by NO that there are currently 7 clinical trials in the US looking at how to add Nitric Oxide inhalation as a treatment for COVID. We will also show you super easy ways you can produce more NO to boost your immunity.

Prevents Infection

The primary aim to fight COVID infections is to prevent the infection in the first place. NO has properties to help kill and prohibit pathogens coming into the nose. When released this chemical also becomes a messenger alerting other cells responsible for our immune response to jump into action. Lastly, NO stops the replication of many viruses we are already aware of. It is hypothesized that it has the same affect on SARS-COV-2, the virus responsible for COVID-19.

Used as Treatment

Inhaled Nitric Oxide has been used as a treatment for patients with Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome brought on by COVID. This means their lungs were extremely inflamed and they were experiencing a strong shortness of breath. In these patients the NO reduced this feeling of shortness of breath and improved the amount of Oxygen they were able to use. It also decreased the inflammation causing these problems.

Nitric Oxide is able to do this for two reasons. First it helps relax areas of the lungs like the trachea and bronchioles which allows them to function better. Second it opens blood vessels up and promotes blood flow. Both of these help the lungs to work more efficiently during infection.

How to Make More Naturally!

As discussed this amazing chemical is produced naturally all day long in your nasal cavities. So one of the simplest ways to reap its benefits is breathing through your nose. When you breath through your nose you draw NO down into your lungs. Here it naturally relaxes and opens your airways and blood vessels. If you breath through your mouth, however, then the NO is simply stays put right behind your nose.

To take the sinuses ability to produce NO to the next level trying humming for 5-15 minutes. When doing this while breathing through their noses subjects experienced a 15 times greater increase in the amount of NO they produced.

Lastly, the foods we eat can support extra production of Nitric Oxide throughout our body. Long used as a performance enhancer beets are the food most known for increased NO production. They are full of nitrates which readily convert to NO. Other foods to incorporate are garlic and leafy greens.

For your overall health, blood flow, and increased ease of breathing focus on these methods of nitric oxide production. Not only can it help prevent and mitigate symptoms of COVID, but can increase your well being too!

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