Just 5:00!!!

I am amazed every time I do this with one of my athletes. This week I coached four different athletes through a breathing session to finish their workouts. In the beginning each was pretty worn out from both the workout and full weeks in their regular day to day lives.

However, at the end of just 5:00 of breath work they each looked totally different. This happens every time, but it still excites me to see the shift in athletes’ mental and emotional state. They go from a state of stress to looking totally relaxed. Honestly, they look like they aren’t even mentally in the room with me anymore they are so calm.

I wanted to share this with you because 5 minutes is almost no time at all! You can easily find 5:00 in your day to sit or lay down and simply breathe. Even if you are not someone who is naturally stressed this practice will help you become less agitated by the small things in life and feel more focused.

The practice I did with athletes was Triangle Breathing. That simply means breathing in, breathing out, and holding your breath for the same amount of time. A good place to start would be breathing in for 4 seconds, out for 4 seconds, and then holding your breath for 4 seconds before repeating.

Set an alarm today and try this out! Just for 5:00!

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