Today is the Winter Solstice! ☀️

Today is the Winter Solstice and it is a time to hope!

The Winter Solstice

This cosmic event has been celebrated by almost every culture throughout time. It is significant because this day is the shortest day of the year. People have not celebrated this day because it has the least amount of daylight though. They celebrate on this day because from this point forward the amount of light each day begins to grow. With this means hope for warmer weather and especially hope for a new harvest.

The day to celebrate Christmas was even meant to correspond with this day. The 25th of December was chosen because at the time (336 CE) in Rome that day corresponded with the Winter Solstice. The date on the calendar stuck as Christmas day even though the roman calendar eventually became inaccurate and no longer matched the solstice event.


Throughout time various cultures and religions have celebrated on the winter solstice with the same core theme in mind: HOPE. This is why the birth of Jesus was tied to the day for Christians as it also was a time for hoping. So no matter your beliefs take part today in the humanity wide celebration of hope. When you have hope everything from physical pain to blood pressure to your breathing rate declines. Get excited that the days are now getting longer and have hope for a brighter tomorrow!

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