Making Your Environment like THE Environment

When you hear someone discuss the environment what comes to mind? Usually trees and blue skies and grassy fields and animals? That’s what pops into my mind at least. But what if I asked you about your environment? Is it anything like this? More than likely it’s not. If it is I want to meet you!

The environment we live in is vastly different than the environment humans used to live in and that has caused a myriad of problems for our mental and physical health. I won’t go into all those here, but I do want to encourage you to actively think about how you could adjust the environment you live in to be more similar to the environment homo sapiens used to inhabit.

I am not asking you to move into the wilderness and become a hunter gatherer. Let’s simply add some of the aspects of that historical environment into our modern lives.

Here are some habits to implement:

  1. Try adding as much movement to your day as possible. Even sitting in different positions every 30:00 or so. Try just getting up and walking or stretching.
  2. Eat whole and unprocessed foods. This isn’t an argument for any specific diet, but the more food you can eat that looks like it did when it came off the tree the better.
  3. Rest! (working on your computer doesn’t equal rest) Take a nap, sleep when it is dark, listen to your body and sleep when you are sleepy!
  4. PLAY! This may be the one least talked about. Play physically active games, try new things, and ideally make a fool of yourself in the process. Eat a slice of humble pie and try a new skill outside like juggling or kicking a soccer ball. Add some fun movement to your life and enjoy the outdoors.
  5. Get outside. Clearly these all blend together, but the fresh air and sunlight have more benefits that are being discovered daily!

Add these to your environment and make your habitat a little more natural!

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