What to Do While Injured → Mindset

One of hardest parts of being injured is feeling like you don’t have as much value as other members of the team. Or maybe you feel like you are just falling behind everyone else…

These mental aspects of an injury can be hard, so during these times you have to focus on yourself. Comparing yourself to others only prolongs your recovery and casts a shadow over the whole process.

Instead, focus on improving yourself. Think of this moment as an opportunity to fix weaknesses you usually neglect or avoid. Aside from attacking the physical weaknesses we discussed in the past few posts try watching extra film on your sport. Invest yourself in learning all you can about your sport, technique, or your position.

You also must focus on rehabbing your injury exceptionally well. It is easy to get bored with rehab exercises so avoid losing focus by making sure your progress is measurable. This ensures that you can find the wins in your training and keep up the momentum.

Any way you can challenge yourself to improve aspects of fitness, your rehab, or your athletic education will help you continue in a positive direction.

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