What to Do While Injured → Cardio

Biking, Running, Rowing out of the question?

Wondering how to keep up with cardiovascular fitness? Well usually what we mean when we say “cardio” is just being able to breathe when tired. So why don’t we focus first and foremost on exactly that: breathing.

Tomorrow we will discuss the mental aspect of physical injuries, but a great way to add challenge to your rehab training is to improve your max breath hold time.

If you hit PRs on your breath hold I can guarantee you will feel less out of breath when you can run, bike, row and jump again.

Do this by adding practices like Box Breathing, Triangle Breathing, or Cadence Breathing to your workouts. Also, add in Apnea Walks or simply try mini breath holds throughout your day.

You can also literally strengthen your cardio system by working against resistance to your breathing. Using devices is a great way to help with this. Try out a Training Mask, or my favorite the Airofit which allows you to adjust the resistance to the inhale and exhale separately. It also comes with an app that guides you through a training program. These breathing workouts can make you work up a sweat!

When we normally say cardio we are talking about how easily we get out of breath. So why not focus specifically on your breathing while you take a step back from your intervals?

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