We’re All a Work in Progress

Fact: None of us are ever going to be where we want to be.

This is because there are always going to be new goals. Once you reach one goal you end up setting a new one.

If you get frustrated when you haven’t achieved exactly what you want then you’re going to be frustrated your whole life. Instead get comfortable with the process of improvement. Each new starting point is the culmination of your past hard work. Understanding this constant progression will help you to enjoy the journey.

For example, if you watch kids during Christmas morning their excitement reaches its high during the opening of the presents. The time of preparation/waiting and the time while they reach that goal is when all the fun happens. But as soon as they open it this “thing” and moment loses much of the excitement.

The lesson? Enjoy the excitement of working towards your goals. Enjoy the moment you reach them, but don’t be confused and think that achieving the goal itself is the end all be all.

As soon as you reach it it will lose its shiny new feel and you will immediately want something new.

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