“Maybe I could fit in 2 workouts a day!”

“I’ll get in 7 days a week!”

What is funny about the Mechanics → Consistency → Intensity → Volume process is that Volume is usually the step athletes want to begin with. I have heard both of the above statements IN THE FIRST WEEK OF WORKING WITH SOMEONE.

This is similar to the dieting world where many people think they will just jump straight into a super strict diet and keep it up 24/7. So much investment is often overkill and leads quickly to burn out. We see the same thing in training. Too often athletes jump into non stop workouts and they cannot keep it up.

If you master the first three steps you will see amazing results well before you need to add more work to your week. You have to do movements well to get the correct benefits, then you need to do them regularly, and finally you must dial in how hard to push yourself. Only once that is all in place can we very delicately add even more work into your plan. At this point you have also shown you can stick to the plan. This is important because with more work you will also need to be even more dedicated to your recovery.

Some athletes may never add volume simply because they don’t need it. In fact, there is quite a bit of research showing working out for over 45 minutes may even have negative consequences.

Avoid simply adding more to your workouts when you are not reaching your goals. Instead take a few steps back rechecking your mechanics, consistency, and intensity. Volume may have a strong allure, but it bears no fruit without the other aspects of your plan honed in.

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