Time to Build!!

But when can I get heavy?

Yesterday’s post made many athletes ask this question when hearing they shouldn’t jump right into maxing out and adding loads of volume to their training plan.

The answer is as soon as you have taken care of the basics you can begin to build. Adding hypertrophy and strength training comes only after you have regained your mobility that was lost during the season. With this mobility in place you should also be able to perform weightlifting movements with excellent technique even when there is no weight on the bar.

With mobility and form dialed in your training will be much more effective. If you were to go through the entire off season with limited range of motion and poor technique you won’t get the desired results out of the exercises. You will also build a very limited amount of muscle or strength in the range of motion you have. You could even limit your range of motion further resulting in injury down the road.

The best part of a Build phase that follows a full phase of mobility and foundation work is that you are free to push yourself much harder than you would be otherwise. Without nagging injuries or trying to play catch up as you go you can focus on intensity. This unfettered phase of building is where you will make the most progress towards your goals before the next season.

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