The Reformer, The Helper, and The Achiever

Today we are looking at Enneagram types 1, 2 and 3. Make sure as we go through these types you do not simply try to find out what number you may be. Read through all of the number types to help you better understand those around you as well.

1. Reformer

Basic Drive: Make the world (including themselves) right, both morally and logistically. There is a little distinction between the two from a Reformer’s point of view

Basic Fear: Of being personally defective

The reformer is very self controlled and can be a perfectionist. They tend to be rule followers up until the rule breaks with their understanding of what is right. Then they will strongly oppose them.

As an athlete it is important to lean on your gut reactions because they will usually be right for a one. At the same time it is essential if you are on a team to allow others to voice their opinions about the best way to tackle an obstacle.

Ones are normally their own biggest critics, no one judges a one more harshly than themselves. This can lead to negative self talk. As a one you need to practice letting mistakes go so you can continue playing your best.

2. The Helper

Basic Drive: For others to need and love them

Basic Fear: To be unwanted

If you a Helper then you likely do very well in team sports and activities. You enjoy serving others, giving your time, and especially being the shoulder for them to lean on. When friends or family turn to you for advice and appreciate you it is very rewarding.

As an athlete this carries over as you do a great job supporting teammates. You have to be careful on two fronts, however. It is very easy for you to give too much to others and neglect your own self care and training. When serving others you also at times expect too much in return. If the appreciation you expect is not given you can very easily become resentful.

Practice focusing on your own weaknesses in order to ensure you grow as well. Then when you do support others around you try not to expect anything in return.

3. The Achiever

Basic Drive: Success; To be important and admired

Basic Fear: Being worthless

The Achiever is naturally drawn to sports because of the ability to come out as the winner. The goal to impress others can help them achieve great things. However, this can also lead them to neglect their own true desires in order to chase what they believe the people around them will respect.

As an athlete you crave the spotlight. Don’t let the joy of showing off your strengths allow you to neglect your weaknesses. Force yourself to work the things you are not good at so that you will be able to play to your full potential. In a similar manner, it is easy for you to create excuses for why you made mistakes. Instead, own your misses in order to fix the root of the problem.

Lastly, you have no issue training or practicing the most you possibly can in order to win. This needs to be balanced with the ability to rest. This after all is how you learn and get stronger.

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