The Enthusiast, The Challenger, The Peacemaker

7 The Enthusiast

Basic Drive: To be happy, To be content

Basic Fear: Being in pain

You see the world as an opportunity for adventure and are almost always looking forward to something in the future.

At times, especially during practice or training, you will need to spend extra effort in order to focus on the current task. This is especially true if the task is not “exciting.” Use the expectation of excitement in games ahead to motivate you to prioritize the here and now.

Similarly when things do not go as planned fight the tendency to move on to the next game or sport immediately. You need to pause to reflect on the negative aspects as well in order to learn. Glossing over them will not help you improve in the future.

8 The Challenger

Basic Drive: To have control of their lives and situations

Basic Fear: Being under others’ control, being weak

You feel the need to prove you are strong both in social and athletic situations. One of your worst nightmares would be to totally rely on someone else.

When at your worst you likely confront others even when unprovoked and tend to dominate social situations. Temper this reflex in order to keep harmony with teammates and coaches.

As an eight you naturally stand up those who need help. If you lean into this you can be a great teammate. On the field, track, or court you have no problem being physical. Learn when to dial this up or down in order to play your best.

Controlling yourself may at times be harder than controlling others. Master yourself and you will likely master your sport as well.

9 The Peacemaker

Basic Drive: To have inner and outer peace

Basic Fear: Conflict inside and outside, Separation

You want to be in harmony with the environment, with the people around you, and within your own mind.

Because of this you may avoid necessary conflict that could upturn the status quo. You will need to fight against this passivity in order to stand up for your own value.

You will also need to fight the simple desire to be lazy. When turmoil happens you may find it easier than anyone else to binge Netflix while avoiding movement and productivity.

Push yourself to address the issues in your own athletic abilities and life in order to become the person and athlete you truly want to be deep down. Ask yourself, “what is it that I truly want?” It will never be to sit on the couch and watch TV. Focusing on achieving your real goals will create more inner peace better as well.

On the field you will need to assert yourself. Very unlike the 8, you will need to focus on establishing your own priorities instead of succumbing to others.

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