The #1 Way to Learn Pacing

How much do you actually have left in the tank?

How in tune with your body and its energy output are you?

If you’ve raced in an endurance event or a CrossFit workout you have at one point or another started off too fast and strong. Then you burned out early… You either got caught up in the moment or failed to accurately judge the energy you were using and how much more you had.

Breathing Gears

Breathing Gears aim to solve this problem. They give you the means to learn how to control your own effort and understand your body’s abilities with greater accuracy.

The Gears

Gear 1 – Relaxed Nose In / Relaxed Nose Out

Gear 2 – Relaxed Nose In/ Power Nose Out

Gear 3 – Power Nose In/ Power Nose Out

Gear 4 – Power Nose In/ Power Mouth Out

Gear 5 – Power Mouth In/ Power Mouth Out

During your workouts try to pay attention to what gear you are in. Then if you want to stick to a certain amount of effort you can stay in one gear without shifting up or down. This would be like the Zone 2 training common in endurance workouts. Instead of focusing on your heart rate simply stay in Gear 2.

For most workouts, though, if you are kicking into 4th or 5th gear right away then it is time to train in gear 3 for quite some time. Only once you can comfortably do most workouts without surpassing gear 3 should you begin reincorporating gears 4 and 5.

To test these gears out today hop on a bike or rower for your warmup. After about 30 seconds or show switch to breathing in a gear higher. Keep doing this every 30 seconds. You should feel that you automatically begin biking or rowing harder as well. Then shift down and you should feel how you naturally bike or row with less intensity to match.

If you can master these breathing gears you will also become in tune with your own cardiovascular capabilities. With that you will be able to pace and train much more effectively.

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