Gotta Have your Prereqs

Do you remember either in high school or college looking at the available courses you could take? There were some courses that looked exciting, but it was a little disheartening once you looked through the requirements you needed to take them. You didn’t want to take Physics 1,2 and 3 you just wanted to take astrophysics and learn about rocket ships!

Unfortunately this process never ends in real life either and certainly not in the fitness world. We often see people who come into the gym ready to mimic their favorite instagram fitness influencer. Maybe you’ve done this and you’re ready to attempt some snatches, muscle ups, or handstand push ups.

But, all of these movements parallel studying those rocket ships. You are going to have to take all your prereqs first. This idea is really hard because we naturally have a lot of confidence in ourselves. We also believe in our ability to do something if we put our head down and try. Just like in school though, if you don’t have that prerequisite knowledge you aren’t going to succeed in the higher level course. In the fitness world if you don’t have the ability to move your joints properly or control yourself through simple movements proficiently you won’t get the intended stimulus out of the desired movement. You will also likely get injured (even if its months later after repeatedly doing the movement incorrectly).

A school that let any student take any course in their first semester would fail to teach much of anything. They know that the best way to teach someone is one step at a time and we believe the same. I completely understand it can be frustrating to not have the abilities to do certain movements you REALLY want to do. I am still working on plenty of inabilities myself. But, if we don’t put athletes through their prereqs then we will not help them in the long run.

So, when your coach adjusts your squats by giving you a box as a target, shortens how far you descend with a deadlift, or does not allow you to press overhead it’s because they are doing what they know will help you get where you want to be the fastest. It just won’t be immediate like you were hoping for. Remember both high school and college last 4 years for a reason….

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