SMART Habits

Did you know most people give up on their New Years Resolutions by January 19th?!?!

This report was published by the popular running app Strava after seeing people’s running habits drop on that day. That’s only 19 days of sticking with a new goal!

So what goes wrong? Usually we put too much focus on the goal itself and not enough attention on the habits which need to build over time to get us to our final destination. This year I challenge you to not only make a S.M.A.R.T. goal, but set habits off of that goal to get you there.

Remember when setting a goal it should be:

Specific → Make sure that your goal isn’t something broad like “be a nicer person”

Measurable → Come up with a way to numerically measure the goal.

Achievable (and Actionable) → This goal has to be within reach and something you are actually able to take steps towards (no aiming for superpowers)

Realistic → Make sure it is a goal that is worth reaching in the first place!

Time Bound → Set a time when it needs to be accomplished. The best practice is to set time bound goals along the way towards your larger goal as well.

After taking your New Year’s Resolution through these checks come up with a habit plan. These habits would ideally be daily. Essentially you want to break the big hairy brained goal into the smallest achievable actions possible. By turning these goals into habits you will be much more likely to reach your Resolution before 2023.

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