Seek Advice, Don’t Absorb It

Better is a poor but wise youth than an old but foolish king, who will no longer take advice.

Ecc 4.13

Listening to anyone who could contribute to the public good.

Marcus Aurelius 16


Marcus Aurelius discussed how he learned to take advice and seek it out from those who could contribute. Nowadays though, with access to the internet, we can be overwhelmed by advice. Because of this we have the added responsibility of finding balance between taking advice we need and not absorbing every bit of advice thrown around on social media. We need to adjust our frequency so we only receive the advice we personally need.

Not all sources of advice are created equal and we shouldn’t treat them as such. Instead, depending on the items you need guidance on, seek out those whom you trust and ask specific questions. Seek out advice instead of simply consuming it. Another way to hear what you need is through true friendships with those whom you respect. They will call you out when you need it the most. Only close in-person friends can see when you need course correction.

Take a second today and ask yourself when the last time you sought life advice from a friend or mentor was. Think through who you can go to when needed and check in with them!

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