One Down One to Go

When starting a race, one of the worst things you can do is think about how much further you have left before it’s over. Similarly, in the functional fitness world thinking about the number of rounds and reps left in the workout makes your energy take a nose dive.

In order to hold on to your pace and simultaneously continue performing each rep or stride with proper form, your mind has to be focused on the next rep, the next step.

In football our team had a motto, “one down, one to go.” This was pounded into us through coaches and players constantly repeating it. After each play, “one down, one to go.” The play that just happened was over, time to move on. Whether we completely blew it and the other team gained 60 yards or we scored a touchdown, it was over.

At the same time there was only “one to go.” Even in the first half our vision was only on the next play, not how we would do in the final minutes of the game. If we thought about how we would defend the pass on the play after this one we would fail before we got there. The focus had to be on this upcoming play always, forget the past and future, focus on the present.

Throughout your day today throw in this little mantra. “One down, one to go” Whether at work, at home, or working out focusing on the task at hand will help you achieve it more effectively and efficiently.

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