Myth: You Need to Be Consistently Training Before You Start Our Program

“I want to do some running and hit weights on my own some before I start your program. Then I will be ready”

We hear statements like this all the time. But what is the point of a coaching, training, and accountability program if you have to be in shape or already following good habits before starting?

Getting you started and keeping you going is exactly what we do at Trinity Strength.

Building Good Habits

One of our primary goals is to help athletes build solid healthy habits. If you are not consistently training in a weight room we will help you learn how to build this habit safely and effectively. We begin with only a few days of training each week and gradually increase the volume of your workouts to help you accommodate appropriately.

While building up the habit of training we will teach you how to listen to your body. You should be able to monitor yourself to know when you are able to train hard and when you should take it easy.. Most generic athletic strength programs overlook this key aspect. Recovery is just as (if not more) important than the workouts.

Form and Technique

Trying to get strong before you begin with us may even inhibit the overall speed of your development. If an athlete has been training for a long time without proper guidance they likely already built bad habits and techniques. This not only creates the extra work of undoing the bad habits, but can be frustrating for athletes who feel confident in themselves.. No one likes to be told they are doing something wrong after-all.

We prefer to work with novice lifters so that we can build them from the ground up. If you come to us just as you begin the process you will have a leg up on your competitors.

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