My Favorite Workout

Definitely does not include running 😬

My favorite workouts that build the cardiovascular system are the ones which take the most and simultaneously least mental focus. The one way these workouts are similar to running is that they put you in the flow state.

The types of workouts I am talking about are long in time duration, but contain lots of sets of small repetitions. Here are two examples:


100 Thrusters As fast as possible
*Every minute on the minute complete 5 burpees


20:00 AMRAP
2 Squat Snatches
4 Pull-ups
8 Burpees

These may seem like very different workouts, but they both get you out of your head and focused on the workout and movements. During Kalsu you don’t have long enough to think about anything else because you are paying attention to the clock and keeping track of your repetitions. Reepicheep has fairly complex movements and you are constantly focusing on a new one because every set is quick. In each of these workouts I find myself simply moving and feeling the movements instead of thinking about them.

Try out either of these workouts or let us know what type of workouts help you get out of your head!

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