Mouth Tape?!

In previous posts we described why we need to build a tolerance to Carbon Dioxide. We also discussed how to do this daily and through exercise. Here we want to look at building your CO2 tolerance even while your are sleeping.

The third step to closing your mouth may seem drastic, but is as important as the first two steps. If you really want to focus on building CO2 you have to ensure your mouth is closed at night. If you do the right things all day long, but then for 8 hours at night you’re a mouth breathin zombie you are just taking 2 steps forward 1 step back everyday.

Ways to Know you are mouth breathing at night

If you share a bed with your partner then the easiest thing to do is simply ask them. If you are breathing loudly through your mouth they will be more than willing to let you know. Another way to know is if you snore a lot or have sleep apnea. These symptoms of poor sleep are usually related to mouth breathing. Lastly, you could use one of the many apps designed to turn on and record when it picks up noises as you sleep.

How to keep your mouth closed at night

Tape it closed obviously! Trust me, its not (too) crazy! If this idea freaks you out check out this tape, it has a hole so you can breathe with your mouth if you really need to. You can easily just use a tiny piece of 3M tape though. Once you build the habit of sleeping with your mouth closed you will no longer need the tape.

Transitioning to nasal breathing while sleeping will help you sleep better, feel more rested, lower anxiety throughout your day, and build your endurance.

Take the first step today and at least find out if you are one of those mouth open and drooling zombies.

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