Make Those Sit Ups Count!

Need to work off those Christmas cookies?

Here is a quick tip for getting your core strong and those abs back.

The key to making your sit up engage your abdominal muscles even more is timing your breathing with the movement.

However you are sitting are standing right now go ahead and exhale as hard as you possibly can. You will feel your abs squeeze extremely hard.

If you exhale while you sit up during a workout you will feel a much more intense contraction. This method not only works your abs harder, but engages a greater percentage of your total abdomen in the movement. On the way down breath in and try to relax. On the other hand, the exhale should be forceful and you will feel it help you complete the repetition.

An added benefit is that timing your breaths in this manner will keep you focused and in the flow of your workout! Let me know how it goes!

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