Lunges for Quads and Mobility

Yesterday we discussed how to perform a lunge or split squat movement in a way that will make your hamstrings stronger. Today we’re going to dive into styles of the lunge that target your quads.

What I love about these variations is that they apply directly towards your squat while also creating a ton of mobility in your knees and ankles.

Because these variations take (and create) more mobility always scale to a depth where you are able to perform the movement with great form. Don’t force more depth by compensating somewhere else.

Lunge Styles for Quadricep Strength, Knee and Ankle Mobility

Even Split Squat

Spread the feet (front to back) a comfortable distance apart. Remember to keep them slightly apart horizontally as well so you are not balancing on a line. As you descend make sure the front knee moves forward in line with your toes. Especially avoid the knee caving to the inside of your toes. The movement of this front leg should mimic a normal squat pattern. When looking at the front leg it should look just like it does when doing an air squat. The knee tracks over the toe and does not collapse in. Try to go just as deep as you would on a squat too with the hip going slightly below the knee.

Front Foot Elevated Split Squat

To make this style more difficult place the front foot on an elevated surface. As you descend focus primarily on driving your knee as far forward as possible while keeping the front heel on the surface. This isolates the quad more and forces more range of motion in both the knee and ankle. Move slowly through these repetitions taking about :03 to go down and :03 to come back up. Push solely through the front foot. The front leg should hold almost all of the weight throughout this exercise.

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