My cousin was the driving force behind my first full summer of workouts. He had one rule when we went to the gym: Phones Stay in the Car.

If you are training and have earned the ability to bring intensity to your sessions it doesn’t just mean doing them fast or going heavy. Intensity means doing everything with extreme intent. With this you can begin to truly test your own limits.

Once you have the mechanics of the movements down consistently your goal becomes getting everything you can out of each day and repetition. This takes an all new degree of focus. Not only are you pushing yourself to use correct form, but you are challenging yourself with more weight or speed. Above all though you keep the intent of the workout in focus.

Depending on the purpose of the workout you may go as fast as you can, or use more weight than last week, or you may keep a certain pace for 30 minutes. Whatever the plan is you are engaged with the goal at that moment alone. This compliance and focus is what sets athletes apart who have reached this stage of training.

Truly anyone can “crush” themselves with a workout. That is not true intensity. Getting as tired as possible does not efficiently progress anyone towards their goals. Using intensity in a workout may mean you end up laying on your back after a workout, but even then you would have intent behind your posture and recovery methods.

Before heading in to the gym today put down your phone and ask why you are there. What do you need to do to use this specific session to help you reach your goals?

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