How to Make a Lifestyle Change

Our health and fitness should be a life time focus- not just a 30 day quick fix. Our goal is to build a strong base of healthy habits forming a long term sustainable healthy lifestyle.

How do we insure we are making a lifestyle fix rather than a quick fix diet mentality?

Focus on these 3 things:


Our minds are powerful. What we think about ourselves, our bodies, our food and fitness all matter! Our thoughts affect our actions. If we think we are making good, healthy choices to feel better and to live longer- then we will! Think about how you react in times of stress. Do you turn to food or alcohol for comfort? Do you zone out and watch a lot of tv? What if instead of doing what you always do the next time you feel stressed out, you instead take a minute and name that feeling. Acknowledge the stress you are feeling, do some deep breathing and plan to combat the stress. Maybe it’s a walk outside or getting a drink of water. Instead of letting that feeling dictate your nutrition choice, turn it around and do something that will actually help you feel less stressed.


What is your focus right now? Do you have short and long term goals you are working towards every day? Take a look at your week and do some meal prep for days you know will be busy, plan an afternoon snack for those times you know you feel hungry, pack a protein shake in your gym bag to make sure you are getting adequate protein throughout the day. Look at your long term goal and come up with smaller habits that you can do today, this week, and this month that will help get you there. You can look at other areas of your life besides nutrition and do this too. For example, meditation, sleep, mobility and stretching, strength training etc. Working on health goals in all aspects of your life will help keep you accountable to your nutrition goals and food choices.


Do you keep a gratitude journal? Every day take some time to think and reflect on what you are grateful for. Look back over the past few weeks and/or months and do a self evaluation. What have you been doing well that is helping your to change your lifestyle? What are you proud of yourself for? What are some habits you have implemented that you are grateful for? Give yourself credit and allow yourself to feel proud and revel in your accomplishments!

Commit to these areas and you will build a sustainable lifestyle that is focused on health and being the best version of you that you can be for the long term!

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