How to Incorporate Mobility Daily

You hate stretching? Well what if you could do it without having to think about it so much? What if you could knock it out while doing something else you enjoy?

This is the easiest way to do some mobility each day. Just work it into other activities throughout regular tasks or downtime. You will notice drastic improvements if you make this a daily habit.

Choose How You Sit

When you are watching TV, instead of slouching on the couch, opt for a seat on the floor. Here you can more easily sit in a variety of positions that will create new ranges of motion as you watch your favorite show. Try these sitting positions:

Sit on your feet in Kneeling Pose.

Sit in the 90/90 position with one leg externally rotated in front with the other trailing behind you.

Bring your feet together to hold the butterfly stretch.

Keep one side in butterfly while straightening the opposite leg. Then lean slightly forward to stretch your hamstrings.

Stand in Different Positions

Throughout the day and while you are working or studying try to adjust positions as much as possible. While standing bring one foot up onto a chair or lay your shin across a stool in front of you. Both of these positions will help loosen up your hamstrings and lower back. Try out other variations by adjusting the placement of your foot rest.

Use Your Current Workouts

You can even work mobility into your current workouts without adding any extra exercise. At the bottom of each accessory movement focus on holding the position an extra two counts. You should feel a stretch here. Doing this will increase your range of motion and muscle mass. Just make sure you lighten the weight accordingly.

I would love to hear ways you have found to incorporate easy mobility into your day! Shoot me a message with other ideas!

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