How to Balance Your Workout Program

Sticking to a plan and just doing your workouts is the number one thing you can do to improve. For you to keep on track you need to not only see progress but enjoy the workouts too.

In your training plan these two aspects should constantly be balanced: the effectiveness of the plan and your fun while doing it.

The balance point between these slides throughout the year depending on your season and sport. Directly leading up to the first match there may be a little more grinding work to prepare. Other times you may need more play incorporated in order to recover mentally from a season. Either way you should always be improving or recovering physically while enjoying the process.

This is one of the primary factors we look at when programming for our athletes. What are you goals? What movements do you enjoy? What do you hate?

We don’t want to just make the best plan and exercises without input from our athletes. Even if we make the best plan on the planet if the athlete hates every movement and workout the plan will be ineffective.

On the other hand, if we only programmed the workouts and exercises you loved everyday you would enjoy them for a time, but see minimal results and possibly get injured. We could skip the things you find boring, frustrating, or just hard, but then we would not be holding you to the standard excellence we know you want to achieve.

We want you reach your goals as fast and safely as possible, while also making sure you have a blast doing it!

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