Embrace FOMO!

If you haven’t heard of this social media buzzword by now you are missing out! 😉 Sorry not sorry….

FOMO stands for “Fear of Missing Out”

The fear of missing out is just that. It is when you fear something else is going on that you want to be a part of and are missing. This is usually discussed in a negative manner because it can cause paralysis for people. They simply won’t commit to something because they are scared there’s something cooler and more fun out there they are going to miss.

But, we think FOMO can be pretty great for your health!

At group fitness gyms if you don’t show up you are missing out. The community and fun aspect lead to the biggest reason you get results → You Show Up.

You show up and work out whether at the gym or at home because your friends are doing it and if you don’t you will miss out on the jokes, the experience of that workout, and even on the soreness they will be talking about the next day in person and on our message board. You don’t want to miss the fun things they are doing so you keep showing up. In the end that is all that matters for you to get fitter and healthier. Every fitness and nutrition plan out there are equally ineffective when they are not followed.

So let’s embrace FOMO, and make as many terrible jokes as possible along the way. Yes, we strive to have the best coaching, programming and more, but what we really want is for you to have fun and not be able to stand missing a day.

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