Fog Breath (Not Dog Breath)

Do this now!

Take a deep big breath, get in as much air as possible. Then try to exhale as slowly as possible. How long can you go for without any breaks?

It is important to be able to perform long exhales as this is the most relaxing stage of each breath.⠀The ability to control a long slow exhale also expresses your ability to tolerate carbon dioxide and stress in general.

When you tested your exhale did you feel like you couldn’t hold the air back and it just dumped out as you breathed out? Or did you keep stopping and starting as you let the air out unable to make the flow smooth?

Fog Breath or Ocean Breath

If either of those happened the easiest technique to try out is called Fog Breath. The name itself describes the method for the exhale. Imagine you want to create fog on a mirror using your breath. Open your mouth and begin to exhale in this manner. You should feel the air in the back of your throat as it makes a sound like wind. Now try recreating this feeling and breathe with your mouth closed.

With this technique you will be able to control how slowly the air leaves your nose on each breath. Retest the practice we began with, but use the Fog Breath. Shoot me a message with how much your exhale times increased by!

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