Find an Outlet, (Not to Charge Your Phone)

In fact let the phone battery die! Too many of us today use our phones or other mind numbing techniques as an “outlet.” On the other end of the spectrum many athletes think their outlet is working out until they drop. Neither of these are true outlets because they are not giving enough back to you.

Yes, watching TV or mindlessly scrolling through your phone may give you the chance to turn off your brain for a bit, but do you usually feel rejuvenated afterwards? Probably not. Same thing when you crush yourself in the gym. You may feel more accomplished, but still not energized.

I am not saying you should never do either of these types of activities. Just don’t confuse them with activities that will replenish your mental and emotional energy stores.

When feeling burnt out or at the end of your rope seek actives that will give you a high return. Exercise can be one of these options when you hold the throttle back and move for a longer amount of time with your heart rate lower than 130.

Other activates that are great for replenishing you are reading, meditation, puzzles, writing or journaling, hiking, and art. There are many more out there too. Try to find an activity where you can focus while letting your mind drift all at the same time. Replace one insane workout or one night of binging Hulu with an activity like this and notice how your mood and energy improves!

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