Enjoy Being Bad

Want to know the best way to never get better at something?

Avoid it. Instead just do the things you are already good at.

It feels much more natural to enjoy the skills or exercises we can already do well. If you chose to just do those, however, your wish list of abilities and strengths will never get ticked off. What’s more is if you only do the things you are good at you have no right to be frustrated when you are unable to do a different skill. No complaining or griping that you can’t ever get any better at….!

Embrace Your Weaknesses

We often hear people say they simply don’t want to do x, y, or z because they “aren’t fun.” What they usually mean is I am not good at this so I don’t have fun doing it. Instead of just enjoying the activities you are already good at, though, I challenge you to begin having fun while doing the tasks you are bad at. There is no reason they can’t be fun.

Change your frame of mind. Do not compare yourselves to others who are the best in the world at the skill. Have fun with it just for yourself. Enjoy the activity in itself not thinking about what other’s perceptions may be. Only by enjoying your weaknesses and practicing them poorly will you ever get better at them.

Positive Feedback Loop

The added bonus to adjusting to this new mindset is that not only will you improve at new skills, but you will recognize advancement more readily too. As you get better you will immediately see the day to day improvement. With your new attitude towards the task these mini achievements will only make practice more addicting. This cyclical loop of enjoyment and improvement can apply to any facet of life.

Embrace a skill today that you’ve always wanted to be better at and have fun being bad at it!

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