What to Do While Injured → CORE

Obviously one of the most frustrating parts of any sport is getting injured. It immediately feels like a set back and can ruin a lot of past hard work. The best thing to do in these situations though is immediately focus on what you can do to move forward. Reflecting on the negative isn’t going to make you a better athlete and may in fact do the opposite. This week I want to share methods to make sure you keep improving even through injuries.

Is one of your legs or arms injured? Well the first thing you can focus on improving may be the most obvious. Core work is always a go to for something than can be improved. It is super easy to do even when one of your limbs is banged up.

Core work is sometimes seen at as optional accessory work, but the reality is this strength radiates to rest of body. Strengthening here makes every other muscle stronger. When coming back to normal training you will hit your previous lifting numbers quicker if you have a strong core foundation.

When training your abdomen and lower back don’t just do sit-ups either. You can still add in explosiveness, stability, and rotation. Check out these videos to add in to your program when you are banged up.

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