The Core and Extremities in Life

A week or so ago we discussed the fitness concept, “Core to Extremity”. Of course we love helping people understand how to move their body.

But what I’m really interested in is how this applies to aspects of life that are even more important than movement. When working out you may use your arms before your hips on a clean. Whereas in life you may spend your time on trivial concerns or pleasure while losing track of what is truly important to you.

Think about relationships as an example. Are you perhaps buying stuff for those you “care about” before are actually caring for them? Or what about your work? Do you knock out daily mundane tasks while avoiding making the bigger changes that will lead to progress?

Or maybe you are trying to be happy by spending time, money, and energy on things that are fun, but in reality you’re just keeping yourself preoccupied. Let’s all think through our priorities today. Then ask what we spend the most time and energy on. If the order doesn’t match take one small step to line them up.

All movement starts in the middle and gets weaker as it spreads out. Let’s make sure we spend the majority of our time, on the core of what matters.

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