Cold Ground Water is Here ✋

Now that the weather is cooler so is the ground water!

Cold ground water means legitimately cold showers are easily accessible again!

Adding in weekly or daily cold showers is one of the best habits you can add to your day. Before I scare you off and you stop reading I promise you can make cold showers EASY. Use these strategies and gradually add them into your day:

  1. Start with the water hot then simply end your shower cold for a few seconds. You can even turn it back to hot before hopping out
  2. Take a few showers with cool, not cold, water instead of switching it all the way cold.
  3. When the water turns cold put your face into the water first. This may sound odd, but you have a natural reflex to relax when water hits your face and will make the cold more tolerable.

Ok so now that we made it easier to try out here are the benefits!

  1. Elicits a strong immune reaction and strengthens your overall immune system
  2. Being cold increases your metabolism by building brown fat that you body uses to stay warm.
  3. It is hard! One of my personal favorite benefits from cold showers is that they are hard to make yourself do even though they aren’t difficult. At the end of the day it is just water that’s a little cold. And all you have to do is turn a handle. For some reason though it never gets easier to force yourself into the chilly shower! Simply making yourself do something that is great for you that you don’t want to do is a great way to build habits in general. It helps to set a mindset for the rest of your day instead of reinforcing a mindset that always seeks the easy way.

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