Can You Train if You’re Overweight?

It seems obvious that our holistic approach would include weight loss if needed, but many athletes think they have to reach a certain point before they can even work with a coach. This just isn’t true. We understand that many athletes need to burn excess fat first in order to perform their best.

We have created training and nutrition plans that help you get healthy while also reaching your athletic goals. You do not have to give up one for the other. We want to help you understand a healthier way to live and get you back on the right track. We also want to make it fun for you along the way.

Other than our nutrition coaching one of the biggest differences in our program is that we adjust your training intensity as needed. We make sure you always know how hard you should be doing each of our workouts.

In some strength and conditioning programs you may be thrown too fast into extremely high intensity. Unfortunately, if you do that you can miss out on your primary goal, burning fat. When going too high in intensity you will bypass the systems in your body that burn fat for energy. Instead you will simply create a cycle that never actually gets you what you want. This is why we coach many of our athletes to keep the intensity lower on designated days in order to burn fat instead of sugar.

Every person who joins Trinity Strength meets with one of our coaches to set up an individualized plan for success. If one of your goals is to lose weight we would love to meet you and show you how we can help do that, have fun, and reach your athletic potential at the same time.

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