Building Your Conjugate Method

What is the workout template you follow? How do you decide when to go heavy? When to do legs? What mobility to add? When to do core? This can be pretty confusing. It is hard to even know where to begin. Putting this all together is exactly where we come in. We create a program designed specifically for you and your athletic goals. In doing so we use our expertise as well as expertise handed down to us. One of these strong influences has been the Conjugate Method for strength training.

You may have heard of conjugate training before in places like the infamous documentary “Westside vs. the World.” The concept has many different facets, but training dynamically, pushing yourself often, and exercise variety are some of the core ideas.

The implementation of variety fits especially well with the core values of Trinity Strength because we know there are many ways to train an athlete. Everyone doesn’t need to do the same lifts that have just always been done. So instead of only doing bench press we make sure you also perform incline bench, floor press, wide grip, narrow grip, banded, and maybe even banded narrow grip incline bench!

All too often trainers and programs get stuck on specific exercises. This leads to weaknesses in certain ranges of motion of the joint. It also simply leads to mental fatigue and burn out. Training and working out is more fun if you get to do more than 5 movements every week. As they say variety is the spice of life. That holds true in the gym as well.

With the Conjugate Method as one of our starting points we build out a strength plan while adding breath work, tempo exercises, and mobility drills. These aspects come together to create a fun, unique, and effective training plan. Reach out today at (865)448-5115 if you have questions about what a plan would look like for you!

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