Boost a Different Work and Play

Are you interested in getting more work done in less time and having more fun while playing then make sure your training includes increasing your range of motion.

Get in More Work!

Work = Force x Distance. If you want to get in more work during a training session then you can either increase the weights or distance you move them. Though you do want to get stronger and lift more weight, it is much easier to start by increasing the distance you move it. If you perform a movement with full range of motion you do more work than if you don’t move it as far.

The squat is a great example. Someone squatting the same weight as someone else, but letting their hips descend lower does more work. Improving each joint’s range of motion means you get the most out of every rep in the gym.


Not only do we want your workouts to be efficient, but we want you to be able to do FUN stuff outside the gym! Unfortunately, there are many movements people cannot do simply because they lack the flexibility. How can you expect to jump on a trampoline if your hips don’t open? How easy is it to go bowling if your arm doesn’t extend behind you? What if you want to go across the monkey bars with your kiddos, but can’t get your arms overhead without pain? Even sitting cross legged used to be so easy and now seems impossible for many of us.

Adding specific mobility exercises alongside your other training will help you have more fun during the activities you truly want to enjoy. Need help with where to start? Ask yourself these questions.

What is the physical activity you enjoy doing? What joints do you use the most during it? How could improving their range of motion make this activity even more fun and pain free?

To increase both work in the gym and play outside it Trinity Strength implements mobility throughout each workout. Reach out if you need help adding mobility to your sessions!

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