Bicep Curls are Awesome!

There is nothing more functional than picking up food and bringing it to your mouth!

This was always one of my favorite jokes when I coached CrossFit (where curls are an anathema) and programed curls.

Bicep curls do in fact carry a lot of benefits. For a while the fitness community moved away from isolated exercises like bicep curls and tricep extensions. However, now the benefits of adding these movements back in has become clear. Taking time to build strength at specific joints keeps them healthy and prevents injuries caused by compound lifts like bench press.

Bicep curls keep your elbows healthy and upper arms strong. There are some major pitfalls that athletes fall into though. So here are a few tips:

  1. Pull all the way to the top. See how close you can bring your hand to your bicep.
  2. Make sure you extend the elbow completely at the bottom. If you don’t you are creating a loss of range of motion.
  3. Make sure you vary the kinds of curls you do. Try these examples below:

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