Do You Want Their Paper?

Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.

Ian Maclaren

This is a quote and an idea that I hope you keep present throughout the week. Maybe write it down on a piece of paper and carry it with you today to physically remind you. If you can consistently have this running in the back of your mind as you interact with others it will drastically impact your relationships and outlook on life.

One of the best tangible applications of this quote manifests itself in a group activity. The group of people gathers in a circle. Each of them writes down the biggest struggle they are going through or the most painful aspect of their life. They fold their pieces of paper and place them in the middle of the circle. Once shuffled they each pick up someone else’s paper. Then they are instructed that they can either keep the struggle they picked up or put it back in the circle and keep their own. The participants always opt for their own troubles.

Everyone is going through something. This has always been true, but in these times of COVID hopefully we are recognizing it even more often and fully.

Be compassionate to others today knowing they are going through something you know nothing about. It will not only brighten their day, but yours as well.

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