Astronaut Bones

In the world and in life it’s the one true constant→ Change

Everything changes and is constantly changing.

What does that mean for our health and exercise?

It means it is going to change one way or the other. This change is based off of the inputs we put in. No matter what, your health and wellness are always changing. You cannot reach a status quo, say “I made it,” and just hit the pause button.

Unfortunately, as soon as you stop the habits, workouts, and nutrition that got you where you wanted your body will react. It will take in the ceasing of those actions as the new input. Then it will start adapting to your new input…nothing.

When astronauts fly into space their bones immediately begin deteriorating. Their bodies feel the loss of gravity and realize they don’t need to keep making such dense bones. So their bodies stop and save the energy normally spent on bone formation. It took years experimenting to find the right exercise equipment that astronauts could use in space and keep their bodies producing strong bones.

Your body is just as smart as an astronaut’s even if our brains aren’t. As soon as something outside the body changes you will begin to adapt without even noticing at first.

This is why you have to focus on long term solutions and lifestyle changes. Don’t go for the quick fix and adaption or you will likely just as quickly stop the plan. Then your body will just as quickly reset to the lifestyle you had previously. Find habits, diet, and exercise you can continue to give your body so it continues to change the direction you want.

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