Why Be Good to Anyone?

What are the reasons that we would go out of our way to help others?

For years science has wondered the same thing? Why don’t humans simply look out for themselves?

At the top of the research are two reasons

  1. It is embedded in our very nature
  2. It creates pleasure/relieves pain in our own physical lives

At the University of California researchers dampened different parts of the brain to see how study participants would react. After inhibiting certain areas they tested them by seeing how much money they would give away. When they dampened the higher cognition areas they gave away MORE money with less qualifications. This shows helping others out is deep in our DNA.

Princeton studied participants going through both temporary and chronic pain. During this research they found when the volunteers went out of their way to serve others’ needs their discomfort lessened physical and mentally. This shows that the idea about helping others to benefit yourself isn’t just about hoping that good karma comes back to you. Being altruistic actually benefits you immediately.

Do Something Now

Want to fell better right now!? Find someone to reach out to or take the time just to text a friend who needs an emoji high five.

Want to do a little more? We would love for you to give in to your inner nature and feel some good vibes by supporting our friends over at The Compassion Closet. They support foster children and foster parents by hosting a “closet” of materials ready for use by foster parents. Usually these parents are called without notice to care for children that they may not have the right clothes for. That is where Compassion Closet steps in with a huge helping hand.

You can donate on their website here or check them out on Instagram here!

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