Abs Like a 3 Month Old

The 3 month position is a starting point for many of our exercises at Trinity Strength. It is essential to master this position if you want to do other movements correctly. We utilize this position to make many other exercises more difficult and create more stability as well.

So what is the 3 month position? Well, it is the position that a 3 month old baby lies comfortably in for much of their day.

In this position the baby is comfortable and very stabile with their head and lower back resting on the floor. Their hips and knees are bent at 90 degree angles. They are relaxed, but in control. In fact, it is one of the first active positions a baby learns.

A system called Dynamic Neuromuscular stabilization made this position and other infant positions popular. It teaches that we should maintain mastery over the basic positions we learn in our first year of life. If you are able to control these positions then you will achieve good posture, balance, and bracing.

I like using this specific position because it allows an athlete to feel the pressure of the back into the floor when they tighten their core. For many it may look like a scaled version of a hollow hold. It works better than the hollow hold, though, because for most athletes the hollow hold actually creates an arch in their back. That pulls the lower back off of the floor and is not a posture we want to reinforce. The core tight with the back braced is the position we want for the vast majority of other movements we use in the gym or in sport.

Adding In the 3 Month Position

Try incorporating this position into your daily workouts. You can simply add holds in the position while focusing on driving your lower back into the ground. To make it even more difficult add movements like dumbbell floor presses, heel taps, banded or dumbbell pullovers, and chest flys. With each of these additions the goal remains to keep the lower pressed into the floor throughout.

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